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The Role And Function Of The Vacuum Pouches

Jul 19, 2017

  The role and function of the Vacuum Pouches

  Since the Vacuum Pouches, must be removed from the internal air, it is clear that oxygen is not there, we all know that food is mainly caused by microbial activity, no oxygen, Vacuum Pouches then the lack of microbial survival of the environment, and food natural You can save for a long time.

  2 vacuum can also prevent the oxidation of food, such as some lipid class, to prevent its rancidity, there is vitamins and the like, easy to change color, Vacuum Pouches with a Vacuum Pouches, can effectively maintain the color of food flavor.

  3 Vacuum Pouches high barrier, with the effect of preventing water oxygen, the internal itself blocked these, coupled with this, with double protection, and stable performance, to withstand the low temperature refrigeration, can endure the invasion of oil.

  4 some Vacuum Pouchess and moisture-proof function, of course, Vacuum Pouches there are some high temperature, coupled with the traditional sterilization method, then the food can be better preserved.