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There Are Two Ways To Use Shrink Film Labels

Aug 02, 2017

  There are two ways to use shrink film labels

  Thermoplastic labels can be used for food, shrink film beverages and other consumer goods packaging. Every businessman wants their goods to be distinguished by consumers on an array of rugs, which stimulates the rapid development of the market for thermal film labels. People who buy coffee cream, flavored milk and drink yogurt are familiar with the heat shrinkable film label, which covers almost the entire surface of the bottle. Heat shrink labels are widely used in a variety of product decorations, such as juice, pet food, bottled water, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, lawn conservation products and auto parts.

  That simple description of the production process such as shrink film label:

  There are two ways to use heat shrink labels:

  The overall set of standard shrinkage and roll method.

  The extrusion process of the overall sleeve shrink film usually contains a transverse orientation process. The film is printed and made into a cylindrical label after printing, and then the machine separates the cylindrical label into a sleeve with a certain length, and then the bottle is placed inside the sleeve, shrink film and then the bottle and the sleeve are passed together through a steam or Infrared light for the heating medium bake Road, heat to promote the sleeve to shrink and generate close to the label on the bottle. The typical shrinkage of the film ranges from 50% to 80%. A bottle with an irregular geometric shape is suitable for use with a sleeve system with a high shrinkage rate. The most commonly used resin materials are PVC, ethylene glycol modified polyester (PETG) and oriented polystyrene (OPS).

  The rolling process first has a pre-printed film which surrounds the membrane and forms a closed structure by means of the pick-up process and the bonding support of the hot melt adhesive, and then the bagged body is fed to a hot Road, shrink film bake the heat in the film shrink tightly attached to the surface of the bottle. Biaxially oriented polypropylene (OPP) is the most commonly used resin for rolling system. As the OPP heat shrink film produced in the machine on the role of orientation, so the rolling method shrink film shrinkage ratio of the final standard than the standard, in the range of 5% -20%. Commonly used bottle material PET, PP, HDPE or glass and so on. Rolling method is generally applicable to the shrinkage rate is not high, shrink film the structure is not too complicated bottle structure.

  A common feature of these two methods is that the plastic film having an average thickness of 50 microns is wound around a bottle body and then heated to produce heat that causes the film to shrink along the contour of the body. Which sets the standard shrinkage method is more commonly used in the process, and rolling method is rapidly developing. shrink film Printed on the thermal film label in a variety of forms, from low-cost flexographic printing to 10-color, paper-quality gravure printing.