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Thermoforming Films The Most Widely Used

May 18, 2017

Talk about Thermoforming Films!

Thermoforming Films is the most widely used in the packaging field. Thermoforming Films can be used for food packaging, electrical product packaging, daily necessities packaging, clothing packaging and so on. They have one thing in common is that the Thermoforming Films should be color printing, and as a food packaging but also multi-layer composite or vacuum aluminum and other process operations.

For relatively rigid plastic films (or sheets), it is often necessary to produce them in various shapes, for example, in the form of boxes for packaging food products, cups and the like for containing beverages. In this case, the thermoforming method is often used.

The so-called Thermoforming Films, belonging to the secondary molding of the category. It is a process of heating the plastic film to its softening point, and then applying a certain pressure to the film, deforming the film, stretching it onto a mold having a certain shape, and then cooling and curing it The film will remain in the shape of the mold, after stripping to get the required Thermoforming Films.