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Vacuum Pouches Mainly Used For Food Packaging

Sep 25, 2017

With the gradual improvement of people's living standards and the continuous improvement of the quality of life requirements, vacuum packaging in the contemporary people's lives has occupied an indispensable position, it is a vertical extension of packaging technology, a typical area, Can replace the role.

Vacuum bags are mainly used for food packaging, such as meat, cereal processed foods and easy to oxidize the deterioration of food, can also be used for mechanical parts, equipment and down products, wool products and other loose products packaging.

The main role of vacuum packaging bags is to remove oxygen, in order to help prevent food deterioration, the principle is relatively simple, due to food mold rot mainly caused by microbial activities, and most micro-organisms (such as mold and yeast) survival is needed Oxygen, and vacuum packaging is the use of this principle, the bags and food cells within the oxygen removed, so that the loss of micro-material "living environment."

Vacuum bag as the name suggests is in the specified packaging space, the internal pressure below the atmospheric pressure of the gas state. Vacuum packaging is widely used in food packaging industry, the principle is:

1, the packaging of all the air out of the seal, to maintain the packaging bag in a high degree of decompression, the air is scarce equivalent to the effect of low oxygen, so as not to the survival of various types of micro-organisms to achieve food preservation, durability, no corruption purpose;

2, vacuum bag Another very important role is to prevent oxidation of food, especially oil and fat foods contain a large number of unsaturated fatty acid composition, so susceptible to oxygen and oxidation, so that food taste, deterioration. In addition, the food will be oxidized and will be a lot of damage, therefore, so food packaging oxygen can effectively prevent food deterioration, to maintain its color, smell, taste and nutritional value.