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What Is POF Shrink Film?

Jul 07, 2017

  What is POF shrink film?

  POF shrink film, also known as BOPE shrink film, is a double bubble method for polyolefin biaxial stretching obtained by a shrink film. Compared with the traditional polyethylene film blowing film shrinkage, POF shrink film mechanical properties, transparency, and vertical and horizontal contraction uniform. In general, POF shrink film is divided into two categories, common POF and cross-linked POF.

  Ordinary POF film is the mainstream products in the Chinese market. Mostly three-layer co-extruded structure, the two surface is polypropylene, the core is linear low-density polyethylene. Compared with the traditional PP shrink film and PVC shrink film, the film is softer, and tear strength, resistance to piercing strength, low temperature characteristics are also better. So a large extent to replace the PP shrink film and PVC shrink film market.

  Crosslinked POF film is a further upgrade product of ordinary POF film. And PP / PE / PP co-extruded structure of ordinary POF film is different. Crosslinked POF is pure PE structure. After crosslinking, its physical properties, heat sealing strength than ordinary POF film has greatly improved, and the adaptability of the packaging machine better.

  POF shrink film is mainly used

  1. Beverage, etc. Package: Requires high shrinkage, high strength and high shrinkage.

  2. Toy, medicine and other packaging: the requirements of good optical performance, improve the attractiveness of the shelves, while requiring a small "dog ears."

  3. books, magazines, packaging: the requirements of high transparency, low shrinkage, to prevent the book volume deformation.

  4. Food packaging: require a small "dog ears", high gloss; some also require low temperature contraction, in order to facilitate rapid packaging or affect the contents.

  5. Plastic packaging: In addition to the requirements of high transparency, high shrinkage and other properties, but also requires low-temperature shrinkage to prevent plastic deformation.