PA Plastic Packaging Roll Film

Product Details

PA Plastic Packaging Roll Film

Product Info:

Item: PA Food Packaging Plastic Roll Film

Material: PA/PP



Length: Customized

Thickness: 20um-350um
Standard: Food grad

Process: Casting

Certificate: CE,SGS,ISO9001,UL,QS,BRC,BV,GMP

Usage: packaging for fish & meat, nuts & dry food, rice & cereals, sausage and other valuable jewelry.

Product Properties:

PA.PP Cast Film 6400.png

Factory Overview:

We are a professional supplier for coextruded packaging materials at competitive price, located in Huangshi City, Hubei Province.We are China’s 11/9/7 layers PA/EVOH/PE/PP based high barrier film manufacturer,with a production capacity of over 10,000 tons per annum. Our company employs the most advanced extrusion technology,  including German made W&H 11 layers co-extrusion cast film line and 7/9 layers blown up film line, the most advanced domestic JM 9 layers co-extrusion blown film line,4 lines vacuum bag making machine and 2 lines embossed film machine,etc.

Our packaging films provide perfect barriers against Oxygen and moisture, thereby protecting the product’s hygienic ensuring a longer shelf life. Which is why, when it comes to preserving the taste, aroma,  flavor, color, texture and integrity of the edible products, most manufacturers  prefer our products.

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Contact details:

Company: Hubei Hawking Packaging Material Co.,Ltd

Contact person: Forla Li


Skype: +8615113819934