Frozen Barrier Cook-in Shrink Pouches

Hawking manufactures barrier shrink bags, applied to a range of products (fresh and processed meat, cheese, fish,mutton,etc.)

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Frozen Barrier Cook-in Shrink Pouches

Barrier shrink bags

Hawking manufactures barrier shrink bags,the pvdc/pe shrink bag which the barrier layer is pvdc resin,it is a multilayer coextrusion material,which is applied to a range of products (fresh and processed meat, cheese, fish,mutton,etc.),these bags will ensure your product keep longer shelf-life and safety.

pvdc/pe food barrier shrink film (bag)
1) thickness:50-100um
2) length:100mm-1500m
3) width:180-450mm
4) high shrinking rate:40%-45%

1. physical property parameter
(1)otr:  less than 20cm3/m2.24h.1atm.23.65%rh           gb/t1038-2000
(2)wvtr: less than 6g/m2.24h.1atm.23.90%rh              gb/t1037-1988
(3)tensile strength :md50mpa,td30mpa;                   gb/t13022-1991
(4)elongation at break:md/td 110%;                      gb/t13022-1991
(5)hot water shrink rate:md40%,td40%;                   (90 water ,5 seconds)
(6)heat-sealing strength:15n/15mm.                      qb/t2358-1998(sample:straight line end sealed)


2. appearance parameter
((1)crystal point, carbon point: a small amount can be allowed, at most 2 carbon-points per 1m length.
(2)scratch, bubble, dirt,stain can be allowed,but pvdc material itself sour taste and ozone smell generates while deal with radiation crosslinking.
(3)sealing parts, non-virtual sealing phenomenon.
(4)wrinkle: a slight intermittent wrinkles can be allowed.


3. advantages:
1) high oxygen barrier, slow germs breed, protect inside fresh meat to be oxidized to go rotten.
2) high moisture barrier, keep fresh meat water inside, reduce the fresh meat to lose the weight in store or conveyance.
3) high shrinking rate: make the bag cling with the fleshy surface and let it have a nice appearance. 
4) high odor barrier, maintain the original flavor
5) irradiated film,it has higher tensile strength, puncture strength and abrasion resistance...etc. its property is more than twice than no irradiated film
6) wide range of shrink bags specification:                                                                
(1) thickness : 50-100um
(2) length:    100mm-1500m;     length discrepancy:
(3) width : 180mm-450mm;        width discrepancy:
7) shape of sealed : straight line end sealed, curve end sealed , flank sealed.



industrial use:



fresh meats package



surface handling:

can printed

sealing & handle:

heat seal

custom order:


place of origin:

china (mainland)

brand name:


model number:


plastic type:


bag type:

shrink bag

high shrinking rate:




Storage condition

Consist of plastic raw material,easy to burn with harmful gases,please keep under 5~35℃ with dry storage condition,far away at least 1 meter direct heat source.

Frozen/breath shrink bags

Hawking manufactures multi-layer co-extruded frozen/breath shrink bags, applied to a range of products (fresh and processed meat, cheese, fish,mutton,etc.),these bags will ensure your product keep longer shelf-life and safety.

Benefits of the frozen/breath shrink bags:

keeping the contents at the height of freshness.

Good transparent providing good looking

Good tensile strength and puncture resistance

Multi-layer co-extrusion technology

The packaging usually using multi-layer structure in order to take advantage of a variety of polymer performance.The multi-layer co-extrusion technology was one kind of process which was formed multilayer structure thin film by variety of different polymers.It can to meet and solve food ,pharmaceutical and other industrial packaging special needs through consist advantages of all kinds of polymer chemistry and physics.We will always keep a technical lead special in PA/EVOH barrier packaging film field,and we will provide the best solution by customer different packaing requirements.

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HAWKING, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various packaging materials, now brings you the best quality frozen barrier cook-in shrink pouches with competitive price, which comes in superior abrasion and puncture resistance, as well as good heat resistance. Should you are interested in it, please be free to buy packaging products from our factory.